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Tooth decay occurs when bacteria present in plaque mix with sugars to create acid.  This acid is responsible for eating away your tooth’s enamel as well as its underlying layer called the dentin. When this happens a cavity will form and often patients complain of toothache, pain when they chew and tooth sensitivity. One way of knowing if you suffer from tooth decay is by seeing your dentist Tamarac. The good news is that tooth decay can be treated and it can be reversed. Let’s find out how.

Regular Visits to Your Dentist

When you regularly visit your dentist tooth decay can be prevented. In fact, it can be reversed when caught during its early stages. Based on the condition of your teeth, your dentist will decide and come up with a treatment plan. Usually, dentists recommend tooth fillings, fluoride treatments, dental crowns, and root canal to treat the decay. However, if it has become so severe a tooth extraction may be necessary.

Avoiding Sugary Foods and Drinks

Do you know that the best way to prevent tooth decay is by steering clear from sugary foods and drinks? Candies, juices, cakes and ice cream contain high levels of sugar that can destroy your teeth. You don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself of sweet treats but make sure you drink water afterward and never forget to brush your teeth.

Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth Daily

Last but not least, make it a habit to brush and floss your teeth twice a day for two minutes to prevent plaque buildup. Brushing and flossing will not only keep cavities at bay it will also prevent gum disease from progressing.

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