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We look at our teeth every day. Whether we are brushing them or giving them a quick check after lunch, the appearance and overall health of our teeth are important. But, what exactly is in a tooth? What parts make up the whole? Here’s what a dentist in Tamarac knows about your teeth:


The crown is the visible part of your tooth. It is the “pearly white.” It sits above the gum line.


Connecting your crown to your gum line and below is the root. This makes up about 2/3rds of your entire tooth’s length. And, it stores some of the most important components of your tooth makeup.


Enamel is the strongest substance in your body! It covers the crown of your tooth and protects it from the outside elements. This means it blocks out acids and bacteria. It also helps keep your tooth from damage, like chips.

what does a dentist in tamarac see in teeth


Dentin acts as a support system for your tooth’s enamel. It rests directly underneath and is a yellow-tinted, bone-like material. Also, dentin holds some nerve fibers which are used to tell you if there is something wrong deep inside your tooth.


Cementum covers the root and aids in the attachment between the tooth and the bone.


At the center of your tooth lies pulp. This soft tissue holds blood, nerves, and lymph vessels. Plus, it is through the pulp that your tooth gets all the nutrients it needs.

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