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Doctors are there to answer our most pressing questions, whether they’re general or specific to ourselves. But, what about those random inquiries that never seem important enough to ask. Here are five questions you probably haven’t asked your dentist in Tamarac, but want to know the answer to:

why do i need xrays from a dentist in tamarax

Why Should I Have X-Rays Taken?

There is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to dental hygiene. X-rays allow your dentist a view at what’s going on below the gum line and can help them check for cavities and more severe issues, like periodontitis.

Should I Use Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is supplemental to brushing and flossing. A mouthwash containing fluoride can ward off bad breath, tackle bacteria your toothbrush missed and protect you against gums disease.

How Do Dental Instruments Get Sterilized?

Your dentist should always use a fresh pack of dental tools, and the office should be visibly clean. Heat sterilization cleans dental equipment. Other sterilization methods include autoclaving (steam under pressure) and heat vapor. If you have any cause for concern regarding sterilization, don’t risk it – just ask.

Do You Have Any Diet Recommendations?

Too much sugary and acidic foods can eventually cause dental issues. Your dentist will be able to recommend some healthy snacks and tell you if you need to lay off of anything that’s causing damage. They may offer this information during your exam, but if they don’t, speak up!

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