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Dentures can be a great restorative dentistry procedure for those that are missing either some or all of their teeth. People that are ideal recipients of dentures range from those that lost teeth from bad oral hygiene to those that lost or damaged teeth in an accident. Here are some important things to know about dentures from your dentist in South Florida.

Acrylic Dentures Have Surface Pores

While to the naked eye, the acrylic surface of a denture appears solid, it is actually porous. This means that just like your natural teeth, dentures can get stained and harbor bacteria. It is important to keep dentures clean just like you would with natural teeth. Unlike natural teeth, dentures don’t have the benefit of our body’s immune system, meaning bacteria can easily reproduce within the denture.

What dentist in south Florida has dentures?

Soaking Dentures Can Kill 99.9% of Germs

By soaking your dentures in a cleaning solution overnight, you can kill 99.9% of all germs that find their way onto your dentures. A quick soak during the daytime can also kill off germs that might start to fester during the day. A three-to five-minute soak can be effective in reducing bacterial counts and allow users to freshen up quickly before a social event.

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