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Many people like to set New Year's resolutions for the new year. Some people want to eat better or get to the gym more or even take more vacations. While those are all good, don’t forget to make some goals for your teeth. Here are some dental goals for the new year from your dentist in South Florida.

Start Flossing

You might think that your dentist is just a broken record telling you to floss every time you go in. However, a simple daily flossing regimen can go a long way to maintaining your oral hygiene. So, if you don’t floss start flossing in the new year. If you floss but not consistently, start doing it more consistently.

Brush The Right Way

Just because you brush your teeth twice a day, doesn’t mean you are doing it the right, or most effective way. Make sure that you are brushing for at least two minutes, moving your toothbrush in a back-and-forth motion. If you’re really ambitious, set a goal to brush after each meal.

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Drink More Water

This goal can not only be beneficial for your teeth and mouth but for your body as a whole. You are killing two birds with one stone! Water contains fluoride, and this mineral protects your teeth from erosion. It also cleans acid and sugar off your teeth.

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Of course, make sure you are seeing your dentist twice a year. When it is time to make your next dental cleaning appointment, contact us at TLC Dental.

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