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Laying in the chair of a dentist in South Florida, you peer over and see a metal tray stocked with clinical-looking tools. You quickly check to make sure you don’t have food in your teeth in the tiny mirror. Then you avoid dwelling on the pointy looking ones.If going to the dentist isn’t your top priority, chances are you may not know what any of those instruments do. Here’s a rundown of some tools your dentist may use during a general visit:

what instruments does a dentist in south florida use during a visit

Dental Mirror

A dental mirror is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a small, round mirror attached to a metal stem. This makes it easier for your dentist to see hard to reach places, like the back of your teeth. If you’re curious to see what your dentist is seeing, just ask. Dental instruments aren’t tools, but your dentist will always be open to any questions you may have!


An explorer is a pretty general instrument. Its main purposes are to prod teeth, gently scrape plaque and tartar or even assist while a dentist places a filling.


A scaler is more intense than an explorer. It is used primarily for removing solidified plaque and tartar from teeth and above or below the gum line. This helps prep the teeth for brushing.

Air/Water Tip

Your dentist’s tool tray will have a variety of tips on it. One will be used for water. This one is typically thinner and longer. It allows your dentist to wash away anything on the teeth and in the mouth. Then, the air tip sucks any excess saliva, water or washes out of your mouth.

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