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Want that perfect smile, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on complicated dental procedures? Well have no fear, your dentist in North Lauderdale has just the answer for you. NOVO, the successor to the famous Strap-On Smile, is the newest in non-evasive smile enhancing technology.

What Is NOVO?

NOVO is similar to a temporary veneer. It is ideal for patients who are either wanting to try a new look out before having permanent invasive surgery done or for those that either can’t afford or don’t want to, do invasive surgery but would still like to correct issues such as chipped or missing teeth. It’s worn just like Invisalign however, unlike Invisalign, it is meant to be seen and it doesn’t straighten teeth.

Who Is the Ideal NOVO User?

NOVO is perfect who are looking for both affordability and comfort. For people that can’t tolerate the metal or flexible parts of traditional dentures, NOVO is the perfect option. It’s like a permanent retainer on your teeth that still allows you to do everything you normally would if it wasn’t there.

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What Does NOVO Cost?

NOVO is significantly more affordable than most oral and dental procedures. It is also a relatively quick process. From the time the initial mold is made in the dentist office, it typically takes 10 days for the NOVO to be made to the patient’s specifications.

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