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NOVO, the successor to the famous Strap-On Smile, is the newest in non-evasive smile enhancing technology. NOVO is a great way to get that smile that you have always wanted without having to spend thousands of dollars on complicated and invasive dental procedures. Want to know more about NOVO? Well, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions that you might have for your dentist in North Lauderdale.

What Material is it Made of?

NOVO smile is made of a crystallized acetyl resin, which allows the appliance to be made as thin as .5mm without compromising strength. It is durable, temperature resistant and does not permanently stain.

Does it Come in Different Shades?

NOVO smile is available in 18 shades (including bleaching shades).

Who Benefits the Most from NOVO Smile?

The following are ideal candidates for NOVO:

  • Underage patients
  • Phobic patients
  • Medically compromised patients
  • Cosmetic smile enhancement patients
  • Temporary implant patients
What dentist in north Lauderdale offers novo?

How Long Can It Last?

NOVO smile has a 2-year replacement warranty from the date of fabrication, with daily maintenance and proper care the appliance can last 3 to 5 years.

Will it Affect My Speech?

Although it is not common, speech can sometimes temporarily be affected in some patients. If it does occur, it usually only lasts 3-5 days.

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At TLC Dental, we are proud to offer NOVO smile to our patients. If you are considering NOVO smile, contact us today to learn more or to request a reservation.

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