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Have you been putting off your dental appointments? The truth is, even if your teeth appear to be healthy, your smile still requires regular visits to the dentist. Some patients may need several visits a year, while others are fine with annual checkups. For more information, contact our Dentist in Hollywood today!

Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Since dental health varies from patient to patient, there’s no exact answer for how many regular visits a patient should attend. However, twice a year is recommended, even if you appear to have perfect oral health, you still need proper cleanings, and checkups to ensure you're on track for continues and long-term oral health.

Emergency Visits

If you experience any changes in your oral health, you need to schedule an appointment in addition to your regular visits. Anything from tooth sensitivity, to bloody gums, are reasons to schedule an extra visit with your dentist.

Follow-Ups and Checkups

When you have dental work done, very often follow up appointments and checkups are necessary. These follow up appointments are intended to make sure everything went according to plan, and to answer any questions you might have about the dental work you received.

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Have you been neglecting your oral health? It’s time to take back your smile by giving your teeth the proper care they deserve. Ensure that your family has the healthiest smiles in town by visiting a dentist on a regular basis! So, contact us today and make an appointment to see our skilled team.

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