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Did you know that around 50,000 people get diagnosed with oral cancer every single year? It’s true. Luckily, understanding the risk factors and visiting our dentist in Hollywood can help reduce your chances and detect oral cancer early. What exactly are the risk factors for oral cancer? Keep reading to find out!

6 Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

  1. Gender: Men are twice more likely than women to get oral cancer.
  2. Age: The majority of individuals who are diagnosed with oral cancer are 55 or older. However, HPV-related oral cancers are frequently diagnosed in people who are younger.
  3. Tobacco: No matter if you chew it or smoke it, tobacco dramatically increases your risk of oral cancer.
  4. Alcohol: 7 out of every 10 oral cancer patients are heavy drinkers. Heavy drinking is consuming an average of two or more drinks a day for men and an average of more than one drink a day for women.
  5. Sunlight: People with outdoor jobs or who spend a lot of time in the sun are more prone to developing lip cancer and should always use UV protection.
  6. Diet: Eating a diet that is low in fruits and vegetables increases your risk for developing oral cancer.

Get an Oral Cancer Screening from Our Dentist in Hollywood Today

Visiting our experienced dentist in Hollywood regularly won’t only keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, it can also detect oral cancer early and help you change some potentially harmful habits as well. Request a reservation for an oral cancer screening at TLC Dental today!

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