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As you probably see every time you go to the store, there are many different types of mouthwash out there. So, how do you decide which one to get? Well, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can go about choosing the right kind from your dentist in Ft Lauderdale.

Figure Out What You Want It to Do

While this might seem easy, there are many different types of mouthwash out there that all serve different purposes.Cavities and Dry MouthFluoride based mouthwash is the best. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes if you suffer from dry mouth.Sensitivity – A natural, or alcohol-free mouthwash is the best option for sensitivity.Plaque buildup - If you feel like you're always struggling to fight pesky plaque buildup, look for a mouthwash that has active ingredients like thymol, triclosan, and cetylpyridinium chloride.

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Figure Out Where It Fits in Your Oral Care Routine

Are you using mouthwash as a mid-day breath freshener or are you looking for it to strengthen and clean your teeth? The answer to that question will determine what kind of mouthwash you should get. If you're looking for a boost to your breath midday, a cosmetic rinse formulated for fresh breath will offer a brief minty jolt, though it provides few dental health benefits. If you are looking for something to provide health benefits for your teeth, consider a fluoride rinse or an anti-plaque or anti-gingivitis mouth rinse.

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In addition to regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash it’s important to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. When it is time for your next cleaning, contact us to request a reservation.

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