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Not everyone may get them, but we all hear about them. Impacted teeth are an issue that we know is painful. But, how do you know if you have an impaction or headed towards one? Getting them taken care of is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Here’s what to know upon making a reservation with a dentist in Fort Lauderdale:

how can a dentist in fort lauderdale tell if my tooth is impacted

What Are Impactions?

Depending on your jaw size and general dental health, any tooth can get impacted. This means an erupting tooth displaces or twists as it comes in. Wisdom teeth, which are the large molars at the back of your jaw, are the most common teeth to get an impaction or jam. However, others, like your canines, are also prone to impaction. Impactions can then affect the layout of your other teeth, causing crowding and infection in some cases.

How Do Impactions Occur?

Teeth become impacted when there isn’t enough room for them to come through normally. The tooth will twist and turn. It then lays in the jaw uncomfortably because of the confinement. This can cause a lot of pain, making it hard to perform normal activities, like eating.

What Do I Do About Them?

Impaction doesn’t always occur as soon as a tooth erupts, and doesn't always have immediate pain. However, once it does show itself the pain can be obvious and unavoidable. If you have wisdom teeth coming in, it is important to make a reservation with a dentist simply to ensure the health and placement of the tooth. This could potentially prevent pain. If you go in and your dentist deems that they are indeed impacted, or headed towards it, they will recommend removing them or alleviating the situation with oral surgery.

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