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You know you are supposed to brush your teeth at least twice a day but are you brushing the right way? While you might not realize it, you could be doing things in your daily brushing regimen that might actually hurt your teeth. At the very least, there are common mistakes that are preventing you from getting your teeth as clean as they could be. Here are some signs that you might be brushing your teeth wrong from your dentist in Dania Beach.

You’re Not Brushing Long Enough

The average person only spends 45 seconds a session brushing their teeth. That’s not long enough. Two minutes is the recommended time that you should be brushing your teeth. Anything less than two minutes doesn’t give the fluoride in the toothpaste enough time to attach to the enamel on your teeth.

You’re Using the Same Toothbrush for Too Long

The average life of a toothbrush is about three months. After three months or 200 uses, you need to switch your brush because the bristles are bound to be worn out and frayed. Frayed or broken bristles won’t clean your mouth properly.

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You’re Using the Wrong Brushing Technique

You might be thinking, “there’s a wrong brushing technique???” Well, there is. The correct way to brush your teeth is in circles, not going back and forth. Circular motions are more gentle and effective at cleaning the gaps between the teeth.

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