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While dental implants are popular for people that are missing teeth, unfortunately not everyone can get implants. Sometimes a person’s jaw bone is just to thin or to soft to keep the implant in place. If that’s the case, a bone graft can be done to strengthen the jaw bone. Let’s take a deeper look at what exactly bone grafting is and how you can get the procedure done by your dentist in Dania Beach.

What is Bone Grafting?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that is done to fix a person’s jaw bone that is damaged by either tooth loss, gum disease, or trauma. Bone grafting is done to either replace missing bone in the jaw or to strengthen the jaw bone. The bone used in a bone graft can come from your body, a donor, or it can be entirely man-made. An allograft uses donated bone from either a deceased body or cadaver. An autograft uses bone from somewhere else in your body. The ultimate goal of a bone graft is to make the jaw bone strong enough to be able to sustain a dental implant.

Advantages of Bone Grafting

While bone grafting is most widely used for people getting implants, it has several other advantages even if you aren’t getting an implant. If your jaw bone is weak or thin, it can result in premature aging of the face or even osteoperosis. A bone graft can stop or even reverse that. It can also prevent the shrinkage in the mouth’s height and width over time.

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