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By now you know that you should be flossing and brushing regularly. Your dentist reminds you every time you go in for a cleaning. Did you know that you might be brushing wrong or that you might have problems without even realizing it though? Let’s take a look at some dental tips that you might not know about from your dentist in Coral Springs.

If Your Gums Are Bleeding You Could Have a Problem

If your gums are bleeding when you brush and floss, you might just think that you have sensitive gums. While that might be the case, more likely it means that you could be suffering from a problem. Even if the bleeding is not accompanied by any pain, it could still be a symptom of chronic gingivitis, inflammation of the gum tissue, or other underlying problems.

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You Might Be Allergic to Your Toothpaste

This is something in particular that catches a lot of people off guard and is rarely even talked about. You might be allergic to your toothpaste and not even realize it too. The most obvious symptom of a toothpaste sensitivity is minor burns on the inside of the cheeks. These usually present themselves as peeling skin across the inside surface of the mouth.

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