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Do you know that your teeth are sensitive to certain home remedies? Many of us resort to home remedies to treat colds and flu and although they are proven effective in treating a stuffy and running nose, they also have their own fair share of dental hazards. Yes, they are meant to treat flu, but they negatively impact our teeth. It is important that you know what to look out for so you can treat the flu without compromising your teeth. Ask your Dentist Hollywood about other possible home remedies that are teeth-friendly. Meanwhile, here are three cold and flu remedies you need to avoid.

Liquid Cold Medicine and Cough Syrup

You’ve probably noticed that cough syrups and liquid cold medicines taste sweet. The reason behind its sweet taste is because these medications contain certain amounts of sugar. Once you take in these sticky liquids, they will leave a layer of it on your teeth and if not brushed can lead to tooth decay. There are also certain cough medications that contain alcohol. The effect of alcohol is that it lessens the production of saliva making it hard to remove the coating. The solution is to choose gel caps or pills over liquid medications. They are teeth-friendly and won’t leave behind a stain.

Hot Tea

Tea is one of the most popular home remedies for a lot of conditions. Hot tea can help soothe an irritated throat, ease a stomachache, and relieve a headache and so much more. Although hot tea is a lot better than any other sweet and sugary beverages, it can still impact your teeth since it can cause enamel erosion particularly black tea. Adding honey or sugar to your tea to make it sweet will only worsen its effect on your teeth. If you really need to drink tea, use a straw so it won’t come in contact with your teeth.

Orange Juice

Yes, it is true that orange juice is rich in vitamin C but it can also soften your enamel because of its acidity. The best option is to drink it fast and then make sure to brush your teeth once you’re done.

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