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Tartar is something that can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. It happens when bacteria mix with proteins and food byproducts to form a sticky film, called tartar. It sticks to your teeth, gets under the gums, and ruins previous dental work like fillings. If you do not scrub the plaque off your teeth, it will turn into tartar and you’ll need a dentist Hollywood.

Brush Regularly

You can do a lot to cut back on plaque and prevent tartar build up, but the best thing you can do is brush often. Once a day is not enough. Typically, dentists will recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use a brush with soft bristles that is small enough to fit into your mouth. It is important to get all of the hard to reach places in the back of your mouth too.

Floss Daily

No matter how great of a brusher you are, no toothbrush can get between teeth. You need to floss at least once a day. You can use things like floss picks or a WaterPik instead of traditional floss as long as you do it once a day. No matter what, you need to clean in between your teeth often if you want to keep your mouth free of tartar.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking and tartar typically go hand in hand. Cigarettes are not good for any aspect of your health, but especially your mouth. Imagine how smoking damages a room in your house, filling the corners with a black film that is tough to scrub off. That same thing happens to your teeth and mouth. It adds a whole new, destructive layer of tartar to your teeth.

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