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Aside from getting dental treatments, one of the reasons why you need to see a dentist Ft Lauderdale is to be educated about your dental health. The following are three important facts that your dentist wants you to know.Brushing Your Teeth Twice A Day Keeps Cavities At BayWhen you follow the right brushing technique and do it diligently as your dentist ordered you’d be free from cavities. Ideally, brushing your teeth should be done twice a day for two minutes. It’s also important that you floss in between teeth to remove bacteria and food debris. If you don’t brush your teeth, plaque will accumulate and this can irritate your gums and cause it to bleed and get infected not only that, it will erode your enamel and create cavities.Gum Disease Will Negatively Affect Your Oral HealthDo you know that gum disease will lead to tooth loss? Not only that, but gum disease will also put you at risk of developing heart disease. Luckily, when gum disease is caught early it can be reversed. However, if treatment is not given right away the problem will advance and create more problems like bone loss. Regular brushing and flossing will help prevent gum disease.Dental Problems Will Not Go Away If You Don’t See A DentistCavities, tooth decay, and gingivitis won’t go away unless you see a dentist. Dentists will come up with a customized treatment plan for you to have your teeth fixed. Also, simple brushing and flossing can’t treat severe dental issues.

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