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A good dentist Dania Beach will always remind you to brush and floss your teeth daily. You can lie to your dentist about flossing but trust us; your dentist will know that you aren’t telling the truth based on the condition of your teeth and gums. According to surveys, 27% of Americans lie about their flossing habits. One-third of those who were asked in the survey said they would choose chores over flossing any day and 14% are more than willing to clean the toilet than floss.

Plaque Can Collect Fast

When you eat, tiny food particles can get stuck in between your teeth. Unfortunately, brushing is not as effective as flossing when it comes to dislodging food particles in your mouth. If you don’t remove food debris, bacteria will flourish and create plaque. This can take place in as little as 48 hours. When plaque forms it will eat away your enamel leading to cavity formation.

It Will Stops Your Gums From Bleeding

Many people are scared to floss for fear that it might aggravate the bleeding. On the contrary, flossing using the right technique will actually lessen the chances of bleeding. When you remove bacteria and food debris in between your teeth you are reducing your susceptibility to developing gum infection.

Lesser Trips to the Dentist

Brushing and flossing are key ingredients to a healthy mouth. When your mouth is healthy you are only required to see your dentist twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning procedure but if your teeth are filled with plaque and tartar as a result of poor flossing habits then you’ll have to see your dentist more often than what’s ideal to keep cavities and gum disease away.

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