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Despite predetermined success rates, dental work is always unpredictable. The results of one patient may vary from yours. Therefore, it’s not necessary that you file a lawsuit against your dentist Coral Springs just because you were unhappy with the results not unless your dentist failed to follow the recommended standards of dental care. If so, that can be considered dental malpractice.

Treatment Errors

Treatment errors are common in the dental industry and unfortunately, it’s considered dental malpractice. One example of a treatment error is when a dentist performs a dental implant surgery on a patient who is not qualified for the procedure like when the patient isn’t healthy enough or doesn’t have sufficient bone structure to support the dental implants. This can result in an expensive medical bill and a failed implant. Patients who are victims of treatment errors can sue their dentist.

The Dentist Does Not Use the Proper Techniques

When a dentist fails to use appropriate techniques, it can result in injury and permanent damage. This usually happens when the dentist isn’t properly trained. In such a case, the patient can file a lawsuit against the dentist for malpractice. Before you partner with a dentist make sure that you do your research. Look at the credentials and research about that dentist’s track record.

When a Dentist Doesn’t Make Appropriate Referrals

There are different dental specialties and sometimes the dentist may need to make a referral for the overall health and wellness of the patient. If the procedure requires the expertise of a specialist and yet your dentist fails to make a referral, he or she could be sued for malpractice especially if the patient incurs losses or damages resulting in negligence.

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