Dental Implants in Hollywood | How Can I Prepare for Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are a very popular smile solution! But, while it’s a common procedure, many don’t know the details of how the process plays out. If you’re looking to get dental implants in Hollywood, be sure to follow these steps and know how your appointments will go:

Express Interest

If you’re getting dental implants, chances are you’ve already discussed it with your dentist. If not, you need to express interest so that your doctor can offer you guidance. So, they can provide you with information about the actual procedure.

Address Any Issues

You will undergo x-rays and a thorough mouth exam to check for any potential issues that would stall the process. This could be a weak jaw bone, decaying teeth or gum disease. Your dentist will address all of these to ensure that your mouth is the perfect environment for your implants.

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Make the Initial Reservation

Dental implants typically require multiple, separate appointments. The first is an extensive consultation that involves placing the implant post. You will have molds taken of your teeth and your jaws will be reexamined to ensure they are strong enough to hold the implant. If not, your doctor will let you know the next step. However, if so, you will have the post placed into the bone with numbing of the area. If you think you’d be too uncomfortable driving after an appointment, ask a friend or family member to escort you.

Take Direction from Your Doctor

You will need to heal for a while before the getting the artificial tooth placed. But, keeping the area clean and contacting your dentist about any concerns is the general advice for this time. However, your dentist will provide you with information. So, be sure to follow it to ensure the integrity of your implant!

Make the Second Reservation

Your dentist will place your artificial tooth next to finish the process, so be sure to confirm your second reservation!

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