Dental Implants Hollywood | What Can Destroy Dental Implants?

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Despite the durability of dental implants Hollywood and despite its high success rate, dental implant failure is still possible if you’re not careful. Even if you were told that dental implants could last a lifetime, this isn’t always the case. So yes, as scary as it may sound but dental implants can get destroyed. Let’s find out what could potentially damage your thousand-dollar investment:

Dental Implants Fail If You Don’t Floss

You know that dental implants are not prone to cavities but just because they aren’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them. It is still necessary that you brush and floss your teeth to prevent plaque buildup. Plaque not only destroys your teeth it also affects your gums. If you don’t floss, you are putting yourself at risk of developing gum disease and this can result in dental implant failure.

You Skip Dental Appointments

Another reason for dental implants to fail is if you skip dental appointments. You see, even if you religiously brush and floss your teeth there are still certain areas in your mouth that your brush and floss can’t reach resulting in plaque accumulation. The only way to remove these stubborn deposits is to undergo regular professional teeth cleaning.

Chewing and Biting on Non-Foods

Although dental implants are designed to be robust, they are not designed for chewing hard foods and objects. If you have a habit of chewing your fingernails, metal or plastic when you get nervous you need to stop because this unhealthy habit as this will destroy your dental implants causing the crown to chip and break.

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