Dental Implants Hollywood | Is Everyone Eligible to Get Dental Implants?

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For individuals who have lost several teeth, they would normally ask their dentist for the most natural-looking replacement. As much as possible, they want a set of artificial teeth that resemble their natural teeth. Thankfully, dental implants Hollywood can give them that coveted natural look because of the materials used. Not only that, one of the main advantages of dental implants is that they offer very stable support for your artificial teeth. If you are thinking about getting dental implants it is important to know the requirements.

What Is Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone as a foundation for your replacement teeth or dental bridge. This is an excellent tooth replacement option for individuals who have lost a tooth or several teeth as a result of injury, trauma or tooth decay. It consists of titanium posts that are implanted into your jaw to fuse with the bone.

Who Is Eligible to Get Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to get dental implants. The ideal candidate should have good dental health. He or she should also have adequate jawbone in order to support the implants. Having healthy gums is a must. Otherwise, your dentist will present other possible tooth replacement options for you.

Are Dental Implants Successful?

Dental implant treatment has a high success rate but it is important that you follow your dentist’s advice on how to care for your dental implants because if you don’t comply, the treatment will fail and the implant will eventually loosen.

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Looking for Dental Implants Hollywood?

Knowing the requirements for dental implants Hollywood is essential so you will know ahead of time if it’s for you. At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, are committed to enhancing the quality of life while restoring self-assurance, rebuilding confident smiles, and encouraging both dental and medical wellness. Call us today for an appointment.

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