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There are no assurances in life. Some things work out while others don’t. Like in Dental Implants Ft Lauderdale, although the success rate is high, there are instances where dental implants fail and one of the reasons why it fails is because of infection. Based on a study conducted by the University of Gothenburg, 50% of patients who had dental implants manifested signs of peri-implantitis. 14.5% of the group showed moderate to severe complications.

Can Dental Implants Get Infected?

According to statistics, yes, dental implants can get infected. It is treated as any other surgical procedure, therefore, risks of infection will always there. Some of the symptoms you will likely experience if your dental implants are infected include continuous bleeding after the first day following surgery and persistent fever that gets worse after the first day of surgery. Infection can take place right after surgery or it can take several weeks or months after the surgery.

What Happens if It Goes Untreated?

When you leave a dental implant infection untreated it can cause serious problems. If the infection persists, your surgeon may require removing some parts of your jawbone. An infection can also weaken your jawbone. There is also the possibility of you losing your teeth if bacteria have already accumulated. Aside from replacing the infected dental implant, there is a very big chance that its neighboring teeth may need to be removed as well.

How Is It Treated?

Your dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading. Ideally, antibiotics are given as a preventive measure for post-op patients. Taking these prescribed medications will help keep your dental implants healthy and last longer.

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