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Cracks, fractures, and decay – sometimes they’re unavoidable. If your dental hygiene routine has been lacking or you’ve encountered a trauma that's left you feeling less than confident, a cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale can help. Composite fillings are a great smile solution for those looking to remove damage and replaced with a natural looking filler.

Why Do People Get Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are a restorative option for those who have damaged teeth. This includes chips, cracks, breaks, decay, and wear and tear. However, those looking to close a gap or space between teeth and people who have an opposition to silver mercury fillings can benefit from composite fillings. Because composite fillings are tooth-colored, they can be matched to your smile shade.

why would i get composite fillings from a cosmetic dentist in fort lauderdale

What Does the Placement Involve?

Placing composite fillings is a fairly simple process. It usually only takes one visit to perform the entire procedure. To being, your dentist will numb the tooth or teeth affected. This is so that you feel nothing while they remove any decay as necessary. Your dentist will then thoroughly clean and prepare the area for the new filling. However, if decay is close to the nerve, your dentist will apply a special medication for more protection.The next step involves placing, shaping and polishing your tooth or teeth. This is to make sure it retains its original shape and function. After placement, it is common to have sensitivity to hot and cold. But, this will subside after some time. If you should have any concerns following placement, always feel free to contact your dentist and ask for a reiteration of care instructions or more information.

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