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Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? There is no need for you to feel insecure because your Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs can take care of it. Today, we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of dental cosmetic treatments. It doesn’t matter if you have chipped, broken, weak or severely stained teeth – dental crowns can easily fix them.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that are carefully positioned on top of your problematic teeth to restore its look and function. They are designed to mimic the look and shape of your natural teeth, which is why they blend right in. As soon as the crowns are cemented on top of the teeth, the “crown” will completely cover the visible part of your teeth right above the gumline. The crowns will conceal traces of your “old” and unsightly teeth giving it a fresh new look. Often your dentist will recommend dental crowns if you have a huge cavity that will compromise the condition of your tooth. It’s also recommended for children to shield their baby teeth especially that they cannot be able to support a filling just yet.

How Do You Care for Dental Crowns?

How long your dental crowns are going to last will depend on how well you take care of them. It is important that you regularly follow good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth and by visiting your dentist twice a year. You will also be discouraged from chewing on ice, clenching or grinding your teeth and biting your fingernails. These practices will reduce the lifespan of your dental crowns.

How Much Does Your Cosmetic Dentist Charge?

Dental crowns do not have a definite cost because it varies from dentist to dentist. However, the price range of dental implants falls between $1000 and $3,500. The good news is that dental crowns are usually covered by your insurance policy. If, however, you do not have an insurance plan, you can opt for third-party financing companies to avail of their reasonable payment plan packages.

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