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If you have been following famous celebrities and supermodels online you will see that not only do they have perfectly svelte bodies, they also have perfectly straight teeth. While a body like theirs may be hard to achieve, sporting a Hollywood smile is easy to accomplish through orthodontic treatment. With the inception of Braces Tamarac, ordinary people can have perfectly straight teeth. You can smile, grin and laugh with confidence once your braces come off.

It’s In The Genes

The most common cause of crooked teeth is genetics. If your mom or dad has crooked teeth, it’s highly likely that you would too. Just like you have no control over the color of your hair or eyes, it’s the same for your teeth. Your parents’ dental traits can also be passed down to you. It’s also possible that the reason for your crooked teeth is owed to the size of your mouth. A person with a small mouth is more likely to have crowded and crooked teeth. A misaligned jaw may also cause problems with your bite.

Bad Habits That Weren’t Corrected

Certain habits will predispose you to have crooked teeth like thumb sucking. If you developed a habit of thumb sucking when you were little and if this remains uncorrected, it can lead to the development of crooked teeth. Other causes of teeth crowding and misaligned bites include reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting and breathing through the mouth.

Accidents and Injuries

Another possible cause of crooked teeth is an injury. When you experience facial trauma, it can shift your teeth out of place. Usually, severe facial trauma will result in tooth loss. Even though the effect is not immediate, more often than not teeth crowding is next after tooth loss because when you lose a tooth or several teeth and you leave it untreated, the rest of your natural teeth will start to move out of place.

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