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Braces are an effective way to correct a plethora of issues with your smile. However, some patients may have difficulties maintaining proper oral hygiene with their braces. Below are three tips for preserving the health of your teeth with braces. If you are in need of braces in Hollywood, contact our office today!

Certain Tools and Supplies Will Make Maintaining Your Oral Health Easier

If you have just started your orthodontic treatment, you might want to consider investing in certain tools in order to make your oral hygiene routine more effective. Tools like an inter-dental-brush, a floss threader, and a tuft interproximal brush may all come in handy.

Cleaning In-Between Your Brackets Is Essential

The main reason for maintaining proper oral health with braces is so difficult is because of the harmful plaque and bacteria that develops between your brackets. Make sure to brush and floss between your brackets on a daily basis.

Make Sure to Floss!

Don’t forget to floss! Flossing is an essential step in any oral hygiene routine. However, it's especially important for those who have braces. When flossing pay special attention to each tooth, pulling the floss towards your gum line.

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