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The popular saying “No pain, no gain” is apt for individuals who are wearing braces in Coral Springs. In order to achieve that beaming Hollywood smile, you need to undergo a series of visits to your orthodontist, so your teeth will reach their desired position. Here are three of the most pressing problems with braces and how to deal with them!

Broken Wires and Loose Brackets

Traditional braces consist of metal wires and brackets. If you continue to chew on sticky and hard foods, eventually it will damage your wires and cause your brackets to come loose. The solution to this problem is to avoid eating such foods and wait until your braces come off. When these issues occur, make sure you schedule an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to cut the wire or glue the brackets back by yourself.

Sore Patches Inside Your Mouth

Sore patches in the mouth are to be expected when you are wearing braces. This is a sad reality that all brace wearers deal with. The reason is that your metal braces can rub against the insides of your cheeks. You can coat your braces with wax to minimize the friction. Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm saltwater can also help alleviate the pain.

Unnoticeable Changes

The number one reason why there aren’t any noticeable changes in your teeth is that you don’t see your orthodontist as often as you should. Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you won’t need a regular checkup.

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These problems are common among individuals who have braces. Luckily, there are ways to rectify them. At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, are committed to enhancing the quality of life while restoring self-assurance and rebuilding confident smiles. Call us today for an appointment!

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