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When it comes to your braces Hollywood, they need the proper care and attention. If you are someone that does not follow the rules for how to take care of your braces, chances are you are going to experience a broken bracket at some point. If you do break a bracket, it is important to follow these steps to avoid further damage to your braces and mouth.

Assess the Damage

Unfortunately, it is easy to break a bracket when you do not take care of your braces. If you do break one, it is important to assess the immediate damage so you know what steps to take next. First, check to see if the wire is still attached to the bracket. If it is, leave it alone. If it is attached but sticking out, gently press it back into position with a cotton swab and call your orthodontist.

Take Control

After you have assessed the damage, it is time to take control. If you have a wire sticking out that could damage your mouth, some orthodontists recommend clipping the wire with a pair of nail clippers. Clip the wire as close as possible to your teeth to avoid any damage to your mouth. Press any extra wire back into position against the tooth and cover it with orthodontic wax to further protect your mouth until your appointment.

Book an Appointment

The most important thing you can do after damaging your braces is to book an appointment with your orthodontist immediately. Depending on how bad the damage is, you might be able to escape with a quick repair job. If the damage is extensive, you could be in for a long and costly appointment. Regardless, do not attempt to repair your braces yourself. Do whatever immediate maintenance that needs to be done in order to prevent injury to your mouth.

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