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Who can benefit from braces Fort Lauderdale? How do you know if you need braces? Well for starters, if you’re unhappy about your smile because of a tooth gap, crooked teeth or a problem with your bite then yes, you definitely need braces but just to be sure, we recommend you see an orthodontist. Minor dental imperfections like a tiny chip or a small tooth gap can be fixed by other cosmetic dental treatments like veneers or lumineers and do not necessarily require years of orthodontic treatment.

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Who Are Suitable Candidates for Braces?

What Can Braces Fix?

Braces are orthodontic devices that are specifically designed to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Individuals who suffer from teeth crowding, crooked teeth, tooth gap, overbite, overjet, crossbite, open bite and those with a gummy smile can benefit profoundly from wearing braces. The best way to know if you need braces is to see an orthodontist.

How Can Braces Help?

Braces help straighten your teeth and correct your bite through the application of gentle pressure. The pressure will move your teeth in the desired direction until it reaches proper alignment. Contrary to popular belief, wearing braces isn’t just for aesthetics; they also improve oral functionality by reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Crooked and crowded teeth are more difficult to clean compared to straight teeth.

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Are You Going to Get Braces Fort Lauderdale?

If you have an abnormal bite or if your teeth are obviously crooked or crowded then yes, you’d make an excellent candidate for braces. At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life while restoring self-assurance, rebuilding confident smiles, and encouraging both dental and medical wellness. Call us today for an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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