Braces Fort Lauderdale | What You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

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The world of dentistry has remarkably transformed the lives of millions of people. A missing tooth problem that can greatly impact your self-esteem can now be fixed with a quick dental implant. Crooked or misaligned teeth can be corrected with the help of Braces Fort Lauderdale. Simply put, any dental problem that each one of us may possibly encounter has a corresponding solution. People who are struggling with crooked and crowded teeth and those who have an underbite, overbite or an open bite, can benefit from having braces.

There Are Different Types of Braces

Ask your orthodontist about the different types of braces, the cost as well as the pros and cons of each type. Basically, your options are traditional braces with ceramic or porcelain brackets, self-ligating braces, and lingual braces. Don’t worry; your orthodontist will explain each of this to you in detail.

There Will Be Discomfort

Depending on your pain tolerance and threshold, discomfort should be expected. It’s part of the deal, as the old saying goes, “No Pain, No Gain.” Mouth sores are to be expected as well. After your braces are applied you will be advised to eat soft foods and take OTC painkillers. The discomfort will subside eventually and usually, it resolves after a couple of days. Nevertheless, expect mild discomfort every time your braces are adjusted.

Additional Care Is Needed

Your orthodontist will explain and show you how to properly care for your braces. Brushing and flossing are essential to thoroughly remove food particles that may get stuck in your braces. There are toothbrushes that are specifically designed for those who are wearing braces. You will also be advised to avoid eating sticky foods.

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Looking for Braces Fort Lauderdale?

Braces Fort Lauderdale can solve alignment problems by adding a tolerable pressure on your teeth. This pressure will cause your teeth to move into an aligned position. With braces, you can shamelessly post your selfies online and show off your newly aligned teeth! At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, we have a team of dentists who can cater to your dental needs. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment.

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