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Do you know how much braces cost? If you’re already wearing braces Fort Lauderdale then you pretty much know that they don’t come cheap, which is why you need to take care of them. Your braces, although made from durable materials, can still get damaged if you don’t treat them with care. Unfortunately, if your braces get destroyed it will affect your treatment time and not only that it may also damage your teeth. It’s important to be familiar with unhealthy habits that can ruin your investment. Let’s find out what these are:

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What Are Unhealthy Habits for My Braces?

When You Use Your Teeth as Tools

If you are struggling to open a bag of chips using your hands you may be tempted to rip it off with your teeth. Don’t do that because not only are you risking chipping your teeth you could also damage your braces. Also, if you exert too much force there is a tendency that your teeth will shift out of its alignment. Instead of using your teeth as a tool why don’t you find a pair of scissors?

Biting Your Nails

Are you aware that 30% of the population has developed the habit of biting their nails? People who bite their nails do it when they get bored, nervous, frustrated, hungry or when they are having difficulty performing certain tasks. Unfortunately, nail-biting can cause your brackets to break and your wires to bend and if that’s not bad enough, biting your nails can also destroy your teeth and affect their alignment.

Brushing Too Hard

Brushing should be done gently so when you brush too hard it will not only cause your gums to bleed it may also destroy your brackets as they may come loose due to the exaggerated force and pressure applied on them.

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