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Do you know that even after spending thousands of dollars for braces Fort Lauderdale it is still highly possible that your teeth will not turn out the way you envisioned it to be? Yes, braces can still fail and mostly the reason why orthodontic treatment fails is because of you. Let’s find out why.

DIY Braces Don’t Work

There is an emerging trend that’s putting everyone’s dental health in danger. It’s called DIY braces. Numerous videos on YouTube even show both kids and adults how to put on DIY braces. One thing is certain; there is absolutely no such thing as DIY braces. Whenever you encounter people claiming that DIY braces work, don’t believe them because DIY braces can do more harm than good.

Failing to Have Your Braces Adjusted

For orthodontic treatment to work, you need to work closely with your orthodontist. During the duration of your treatment, you will be asked to show up for several appointments. The point of these dental appointments is to check if your teeth have moved and to adjust your braces to manipulate the movement of your teeth for them to reach the desired alignment. If you are lazy and if you don’t show up, don’t expect to achieve the smile of your dreams because even if you are already wearing braces, they still won’t work.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Braces fail if you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly. In fact, it’s even possible that you’ll lose your teeth as a result of plaque buildup. What’s the point of aligning your bite if you’re going to lose your teeth?

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