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Crooked teeth can be blamed on genetics, but the good news is that even if you were born with crooked teeth, there is hope for you. Thanks to Braces Coral Springs and other orthodontic treatments made available today you can achieve the smile of your dreams while preserving your dental health. How do you straighten your teeth? In order to achieve a perfectly healthy and beautiful smile, you have three options.

First Option: Braces

The most popular orthodontic treatment that virtually everyone is aware of is wearing traditional metal braces to straighten teeth. This type of teeth straightening solution is more popular among teenagers, but a lot of adults are also seen sporting them especially those who don’t mind the metal wires and brackets. It has been two decades, yet millions of people are still getting metal braces year after year. Despite the hassle of wearing metal wires and rubber bands in your mouth, traditional braces are still very effective in achieving a straight smile. The treatment can last up to one to two years.

Second Option: Invisalign

The inception of Invisalign shook the world of orthodontics. Since its discovery, thousands of patients are lining up for this treatment. The reason why it’s so popular is the fact that it is basically invisible hence the name. When you’re on Invisalign, you will receive customized clear, BPA-free aligners on your teeth. Gentle pressure will be applied to move your teeth to the desired position until they are straightened. Every two weeks your orthodontist will replace your aligners with a new set until the treatment is complete. Usually, it only takes a year for your teeth to straighten with Invisalign.

Third Option: Dental Veneers

For patients who don’t want to wait for a year or two to have their crooked teeth corrected, this is the solution to their problem. However, dental veneers are only beneficial if the misalignment is minimal otherwise, you’ll need braces or Invisalign to fix it.

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