Two of the Biggest Misconceptions About Braces

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We’re all used to society painting a bad picture on almost anything. Braces are not exempted, which is why many Americans are apprehensive about giving braces in Hollywood a try, even if their orthodontist says it’s necessary.

Some information you’ll find online can be so compelling that many do not take the time to verify whether these are facts or fiction. If you’re one of those people who dread getting braces because of all the awful things you’ve been told or have read, we’ll get the facts straight.

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Braces Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe In

You Need to Wear Them for a Long Time

You bumped into your college classmate two days ago, and you were shocked that he’s still wearing the same braces as he did ten years ago. Does it take decades to complete orthodontic treatment? The answer is no.

The duration of the treatment relies on the complexity of your case and your commitment to show up during dental appointments. Severe cases take much longer, however treatment times are a lot faster than in the past.

You’ll Experience Constant Pain

No one likes pain. So, if you were told that you’d constantly be in pain when wearing braces, you wouldn’t want them. While it’s true that you will experience pain to some degree, the discomfort is only temporary.

During the first few weeks of treatment, you may feel uncomfortable, but you will get used to them over time. It’s also normal to feel some discomfort after having your braces adjusted, but again, this is only temporary and will subside after a couple of days.

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Are You Interested in Braces in Hollywood?

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