Are DIY Braces Harmful?

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Have you heard of DIY braces in Coral Springs? We’re sure you’ve seen videos of teenagers bragging about how they straightened their crooked teeth at half the price. Sure, it can be tempting to choose the cheaper option, but if you ever plan to give DIY braces a try, we’re here to tell you that it’s not worth it.

Skip these YouTube video tutorials when you see them because studies show that people who attempted to fix their teeth themselves suffered from major irreparable dental damage. So, before you start rummaging your kitchen for supplies, learn the facts.

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Are DIY Braces Bad for You?

How Do These Handcrafted Braces Work?   

Braces are a dental treatment that slowly moves your teeth until they are positioned correctly. The only person authorized to provide this treatment is a licensed orthodontist. Therefore, if you see videos persuading you to make your own braces, don’t believe them.   

According to experts, if you make homemade braces, the ligaments holding your teeth could break. DIY braces can move your teeth, but there is a 95 percent chance that your teeth could come loose during the process.

How Can DIY Braces Harm Your Teeth?

If your goal is to achieve a beautiful smile, DIY braces are not the answer. Did you know that if you order DIY braces kits online or make your own from household supplies, you could suffer from irreparable teeth damage, bone damage, gum damage? DIY braces also create gaps in your teeth, predispose you to infection, and cause tooth sensitivity.

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DIY Braces or Professional Braces in Coral Springs?

To protect your teeth against permanent damage, choose braces made exclusively by your orthodontist. At TLC Dental, we offer safe and affordable orthodontic treatment to give you a smile you deserve. Our team has the skills, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the best possible care. Should you wish to book an appointment, click here to request a reservation.

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