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TLC Dental Warranty

“Because We Care!”

At TLC Dental, we strive to provide excellent treatment for our patients. Our doctors use the best materials and techniques so that your work is done correctly the first time. We do not want you wasting your time or money on numerous adjustments and repairs to your dental work. To prove this, we are giving up to a 5-year warranty on your dental work.

Composite (Tooth colored) Fillings

If a composite restoration is the recommended treatment of choice, we will replace or repair it in the event of failure for a period of three years. If the tooth breaks within the three-year period requiring a crown or onlay, we will credit the cost of the filling towards the crown or onlay.*

Root Canals

Root canal treatment is very successful, but they do occasionally fail. If you lose your tooth within three years due to failure of the root canal, we will apply the root canal fee as a credit towards a replacement tooth.*

Crowns, Bridges, Inlays and Onlays

We will warranty these most comprehensive procedures for a full five years. We will replace them at no charge during this five-year period if they break, are lost or decay with normal use. This does not include accidents that could also break normal, healthy teeth.*

Going to the dental office every few years for a “filling or two,” will not keep your smile at its optimal health and appearance. Spend three minutes in the morning and in the evening brushing, flossing, irrigating and any other special treatments your dentist or hygienist have recommended. Let your dental hygienist professionally clean your teeth, check for decay, perform an oral cancer exam or apply fluoride and you can prevent mostly all dental diseases. This is why all of our warranties become null and void if we don’t see you for your recommended re-care reservations, and if you don’t use the recommended prescriptions critical to the success of treating dental diseases. With these check-ups, you and your mouth are winners!

*You must keep the prescribed regular care appointments or this warranty is null and void. You must use all the prescription medications recommended for effectively treating dental disease and have all recommended treatments performed by our office, including the use of bruxism (night) guards if prescribed. Any recommended restorative treatment after completion of root canal treatment must be completed.
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